Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City
Project characteristics

Regional Integration and Development

① Perfect Integration of Zhejiang and Shanghai

By virtue of special geographical location by bordering Zhejiang and Shanghai, the Sci-Tech City conforms to the national strategy on the integration of the Yangtze River Delta Region to implement the development strategy of integrating Shanghai and Zhejiang, creates the first inter-provincial and integrative practice area in China, and achieves a result with an effect that" one plus one is greater than two”.

② Mutual Development of City and Industry

The Sci-Tech City changes the traditional construction mode that separates the industry and the city, and achieves a perfect harmony of the industry, the city and people by the people-oriented, “mutual and integrative development of city and industry” development mode.

③ Multi-dimensional Integration, Balanced Development

The Sci-Tech City perfectly combines living, production and ecology together, focuses on the solution to city problems, such as employment, science, education, culture, health problems, and creates a living environment that integrates culture, science and technology and other elements, andis suitable for living and work.

④ Beautiful Scenery, Ecological and Humanistic

The Sci-Tech City is located in southern Yangtze River area, with numerous rivers in this region. It is based on ponds and river channels in Shanghai flowing across the area, maintains existing lakes and major river channels, highlights a feature of “water culture” and shapes an ecological environment nearrivers and bays. It is an ecological city surrounded by riversand with beautiful scenery, presenting an attractive scenic landscape.

Xindai Town and Fengjing Town are both ancient towns with a history of thousand years, thus the Sci-Tech City will take into full account the natural environment, humanity history andcultural origin of the area. It will pay attention to technological innovation while actively protecting the historic sites and folk art of Jinshan and Pinghu, exploring the cultural and historic heritage and turning itself into a beautiful new city for life and entertainment.

Technological Innovation

① Industrial Innovation, High-Tech Guidance

The Sci-Tech City adheres to the construction concept of" industrial innovation and high-tech guidance”, creates an environment favorable for the development of sci-tech enterprises and excellent enterprises, and attaches great importance to supporting high-tech industry, strategic emerging industry, advanced manufacturing industry, modern service industry and future industry. It will construct an industry cluster of competitive enterprises in various forms such as “park within park”, and special industry base.

High-tech:new biology, new electronic information, new materials, etc.

Advanced:high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing (robots and 3D printing), etc.

Modern:modern services including innovation &entrepreneurship, sci-tech financial services, consulting services, innovation experience, health & regimen, healthy leisure, education&training, cultural creativity, etc.

New Industry Modern Service Industry
Advanced High-Tech Modern
High-End and Intelligent Manufacturing New Information Industry New Biology Industry New Material Industry Producer Services Consumer Services

② Favorable Environment for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In order to implement the national directive of “encouraging people to do business creatively and driving innovation” and building a globally influential sci-tech innovation center in Shanghai, the Sci-Tech City constructs a number of platforms in terms of innovative entrepreneurship and industrial acceleration, including maker space, entrepreneurial nursery, business incubator, business accelerator, special industry park, etc. while providing favorable work space, network space, social life space and resource sharing space.

The Sci-Tech City integrates industrial service resources, improves relevant supporting facilities and service level; accelerates the construction of industrial service system and increases the service efficiency within the park; optimizes the environment for living and work and improves the quality of life; creates a platform serving talents at home and abroad, and establishes a first-class paradise for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Space, Stepped-up Support
Market Talents Fund Policy Technology Environment

③ Combination of Production, Education and Research

The Sci-Tech City organically integrates campuses, communities and parks, gives full play to the respective advantages of the government, the enterprise, the school and the scientific research institution, and perfectly connects the upstream, middle stream with downstream of the innovative industry, thereby forming one-stop system from research and development, production to sales.