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Three National Strategic Demonstration Zones in the Sci-Tech City

Practice area of national regional integrative development

China's President Xi Jinping has attached primary importance to the integrative construction of the Yangtze River Delta, stressing that Shanghai should play a leading role in the Yangtze River Delta cooperation and communication, which is not only required by the development need of Shanghai, but also a mission entrusted by China's Central Government.

The Sci-Tech City is a crucial act taken by Shanghai and Zhejiang to implement the strategy of the integrative development of Yangtze River Delta. The Sci-Tech City is also a bridgehead connecting Shanghai and Zhejiang, blossoming into an effectively cooperation carrier and demonstration zone of the integrative development of Yangtze River Delta, as well as the first practice area of inter-provincial integration in China.

National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone

Innovation-driven development is the national and local core strategy. Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone is China’s own brand admitted at home and abroad, a strategic highland and core carrier for China to implement the strategy of innovation-driven development and foster strategic emerging industries, and an important base for Shanghai to implement the strategy of national innovation-driven development.

As the first inter-provincial integrative development project launched by the Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone, the Sci-Tech City will become an important carrier for Shanghai to establish the globally influential and provide services to the Yangtze River Delta Region and other regions in China, and will certainly become a demonstration zone of national strategy of innovation-driven development.

National New-type Urbanization Pilot Zone

The 18th National People’s Congress pointed out that China’s biggest bonus is urbanization, and the development direction of the urbanization is industrialization, informatization and modernization. The pattern of “integration of industry and city” is the very direction of future urbanization development.

Jiaxing City in Zhejiang and Jinshan district in Shanghai where the Sci-Tech City is located are both listed in national new-type urbanization pilot zones, while Fengjing is also a pilot town of national development of small towns, which will provide a great development opportunity for the Sci-Tech City to implement the national strategy of new-type urbanization and establish the first trans-provincial new-type urbanization pilot zone.