Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City
Functional layout

One City and Two Parks, One Avenue and One Belt

One road, one belt and one core, as well as the construction of Tongcheng River, Tongcheng Road, Tongxin Bridge, and Tongxin Table well demonstrate that Zhejiang Province and Shanghai City will closely cooperate with each other so as to realize the integrative development and a brighter future.

One Avenue, One Belt and One Core

One Avenue: Zhangjiang Avenue (A landscape avenue connecting Zhejiang and Shanghai)

Zhangjiang Avenue
“Zhangjiang Avenue” (10km long and 80m wide) will be constructed, which starts from Zhangjiang Fengjing Sci-Tech Park, connects with the ring road of the Tongcheng Integrative Commercial Center and extends to Zhangjiang Pinghu Sci-Tech Park, thus connecting Jinshan district in Shanghai with Pinghu in Zhejiang.
Business, Experience Business Area World Innovation and Experience Expo Area Business Headquarter Area International Intelligent Industry Area
Zhangjiang Avenue is a main road in the park and also a landscape avenue. An industrial cluster covering city business offices, experience business centers, production services, governmental administration and financial services institutions will be formed. A World Innovation Experience Expo Area will be constructed to provide multiple services like press release of high-tech innovative products, exhibitions, cooperation and exchange, expo,as well as experience and consumption. For example: --International Innovation and Experience Expo Area European Countries Expo Area American Countries Expo Area Oceanian Countries Expo Area Asian and Pacific Countries Expo Area --Domestic Innovation and Experience Expo Area Innovation and Experience Expo Area in Yangtze River Delta Region, Cities and Provinces in China —Comprehensive Experience Expo Area Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech Expo Yangtze River Delta Innovation Forum Yangtze River Delta Headquarter Bases will be constructed to attract various enterprises relying on enterprises in Shanghai and Zhejiang, in combination with some highlights like Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Demonstration Zone of Returned Zhejiang Merchants, such as: Headquarter Base for Shanghai Enterprises Headquarter Base for Zhejiang Merchants Headquarter Base for International Enterprises, etc. Led by national strategic emerging industries, construct hi-tech industry area, intelligent production area, national special industry area, etc. dominated by word-leading innovative enterprises, and establish a number of high-tech and distinctive bases in the form of special industrial base and industrial park within park, for example: --International Special Industrial Park Sino-South Korea/Sino-Japan Industrial Park Sino-Germany 4.0 Industrial Base Sino-Europe/Sino-Australia Industrial Park, etc. -- Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Robot 3D printing -- Information Technology and Internet Industrial Park Information Software Industrial Base New Electronic Information Industrial Base, etc.

One Belt: Across-river Integrationand Innovation Belt(one river two sides, mutual prosperity) / Yangtze River Delta Innovation Center

Across-river Infusion and Innovation Belt
The boundary river between Shanghai and Zhejiang will be developed into Tongcheng River, highlighting its ecological landscape so that an integrative and innovative belt along the river sides will be constructed with joint efforts. The construction of innovation service center, industry service center, business incubator, enterprise accelerator and administration service center will creates an innovative environment, attracting innovative enterprises and entrepreneurs, as well as excellent accelerative enterprises at home and abroad, especially in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta, and serves as an important carrier for the Sci-Tech City to become a first-class innovative highland as well as entrepreneurship paradise at home and abroad.
Entrepreneurial Environment--Yangtze River Delta Enterprise Acceleration Cluster Innovative Environment—High-tech Industrial Service Platform International Innovation Resources Living Facilities
Relying on innovative resources like a hundred high-tech entrepreneurial incubators and accelerators from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, Shanghai and Zhejiang, create an entrepreneurial and innovative environment, and construct an enterprise incubation and acceleration cluster in Yangtze River Delta Region. Besides, actively introduce high-tech enterprises from Shanghai downtown, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park and Yangtze River Delta region, and construct a high-tech industry cluster. Construct enterprise service platforms, professional service platforms; Construct high-tech industrial service platforms; Construct intermediary service platforms; Establish service platforms for top-level talents; Establish financial platform, and innovative funds to solve capital problems faced by the enterprises in the park. Establish platforms for college students, vocational education and training Based on the existent cooperation with American, European and Asian regions, actively introduce sci-tech and educational from the US, Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Israel, etc.to create a first-class innovative highland as well as an entrepreneurship paradise for international entrepreneurs. Introduce headquarters of innovative enterprises Introduce foreign research and development institutions Construct apartment buildings that accommodate college students, postdoctoral researchers, and white collars, as well as houses for high-level entrepreneurs and enterprises' executives. Create a favorable living environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, relying on natural ecological resources of the Shanghai-Zhejiang boundary river. Construct supporting facilities for life, living, culture and entertainment with Shanghai features and international atmosphere.

One Core: Tongcheng (cross-town) Commercial Core (Shanghai-Zhejiang integrative development)/ Integrated Tongcheng (cross-town) Square

Tongcheng Commercial Core
At the intersection of Zhangjiang Avenue and Innovation Belts, Yangtze River Delta Tongcheng Square will be constructed, which is a landmark building that reflects the integration of Yangtze River Delta Region. Besides, the Sci-Tech City’s Integration Center will be formed by establishing a series of supporting programs like Yangtze River Delta Central Forum, Yangtze River Delta Service Center and Yangtze River Delta Commercial Center.
Yangtze River Delta Tongcheng Square Yangtze River Delta Central Forum Yangtze River Delta Service Center
At the heart of a 7km² central area, the Yangtze River Delta Tongcheng Square will be constructed, which is across Zhejiang and Shanghai and covers an area of 1-2km².
At the very center of Yangtze River Delta Tongcheng Square, a landmark will be built.
The landmark in the center of Yangtze River Delta is located at the border of Shanghai and Zhejiang, with one half situated in Zhejiang and the other half in Shanghai.
A Future Exhibition Pavilion of Yangtze River Delta will be constructed around the landmark.
Construct an everlasting site of world-class Yangtze River Delta Central Forum. Forums on various topics like Yangtze River Delta development, regional integrative development, and urbanization development will be held regularly.
Create a top international Yangtze River Delta forum brand.
On this basis, supporting facilities will be constructed for commerce, exhibition, exposition, hotels, trade, ecological leisure, etc.
Construct Yangtze River Delta Innovative City, establish production and living service platforms concerning exhibition, exposition, finance, information, trade, logistics, design and leisure tourism, and provide service support for Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta Region.

Seven Areas

A.Central Commercial Area

Based on the principle of Shanghai-Zhejiang integration, coordinated development, functional integration and mutual prosperity, the Central Commercial Area of the Sci-Tech City will be formed relying on the commercial service center at the intersection of Yangtze River Delta Avenue and the boundary river, the innovation belt on the east side of the boundary river and the living-friendly belt on the west side of the boundary river.

B.Sci-Tech Intelligent Industrial Area

Led by the Sci-Tech Intelligent Island at the intersection of the boundary river and Shanghai Tang (Ponds), an industry-university-research Sci-Tech Intelligent Industrial Demonstration Zone will be established by introducing innovative industries, new generation of IT industries, and R&D and educational institutions.

C. Ecological Culture

A history and culture conservation area will be established to preserve the old towns and their historical and cultural legacies.

D.New industry & Industry-university-research Group(high-end equipment manufacturing)

A manufacturing zone will be established centered on intelligent
manufacturing, the production of precision instruments and energy-saving &
environment-friendly materials, and an industry-university-research
development zone will be created by introducing a college town.

E.Ecological Leisure Residential Area.

Supported by regional complete facilities of public services and the excellent natural environment, an ecological leisure residential area with distinct characteristics will be formed.

F. Hi-tech Industrial Area

It will be formed by means of the transformative upgrading of existent high-tech industries together with producer services industry.

G.High-Speed Railway Business Life Area

Driven by high-speed railway, a high-speed railway business life area will be constructed by means of introducing special financial services and modern service industries, and efforts will be taken to highlight the ecological landscape with the help of large-scale greenbelts, bringing the ecological features into a full play.

Six Centers

Functional Layout-- Six Centers

Six service centers will be interacted, radiating the surrounding areas.

①.High-speed Railway Service Center

②.Fengjing Life Service Center

③.Pinghu Life Service Center

④.Innovation Service Center

⑤.Production Service Center

⑥.Culture Service Center

Multiple Bases(“Park-in-Park”)

Multiple bases refer to a group of hi-tech and special bases based on industrial blocks, embracing the industry orientation and spatial planning, and in the form of special industrial base and industrial parks within parks.

Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Information Software Industrial Park E-commerce Logistics Industrial Park Tourism Culture Industrial Park
New Biological Industrial Park New Material Industrial Park New Material Industry Park Health Regimen Industrial Park