Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City
Brief introduction

Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City (“Sci-Tech City”) is located at the border between Fengjing Town in the southwest of Shanghai and Pinghu City in the northeast of Zhejiang, with a total planning area of 87km², including 45km² in Pinghu, Zhejiang and 42km² in Fengjing, Shanghai.

The Sci-Tech City is composed of Zhangjiang Fengjing Sci-Tech Park and Zhangjiang Pinghu Sci-Tech Park authorized by the Management Committee of Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone, which is the first inter-provincial integrative practice area built by the governments of Shanghai City and Zhejiang Province to make use of their respective advantages and break the pattern of traditional local administration division through resource sharing, mutual advantages, and synergetic development on the premise of unified brand, unified planning and overall coordination.