Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City
Overall positioning

New Integrative Area, Sci-Tech City

The Sci-Tech City is developed in line with the guidance of the national strategies on regional integration, new-type urbanization and innovational transformation, as well as the orientation and the latest requirements of “regional Sci-tech innovation center ”by Shanghai Municipal Government to promote the inter-provincial, integrative and balanced development between Shanghai and Zhejiang. The Sci-Tech City is an international first-class sci-tech city integrating Shanghai and Zhejiang, and intelligence and ecology, and suitable for innovation and starting a business, and living, which relies on the location advantages of “Zhangjiang” brand and the integration of Shanghai and Zhejiang, based on the future vision of the integration and internationalization of the Yangtze River Delta Region, and fully reflects the construction concept of people-oriented, enterprise-oriented, and “integration, innovation, smart and beauty”.

Integration Innovation Smartness Beauty
Integrative City Innovative City Smart City Beautiful City
Shanghai-Zhejiang Integration
International Integration
Industry and City Integration
pluralistic Integration
Industrial Innovation
High-Tech Guidance
Paradise for Starters
Innovative Highland
Big Data
Internet of Things
Cloud Community
Beautiful Scenery
Innovative Culture
Suitable for Living and Entrepreneurship
Beautiful Home
National Demonstration Zone of Regional Integration and Development National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone National Smart City Demonstration Zone National New-Type Urbanization Demonstration Zone
The Sci-Tech City reflects its key features and advantages in comprehensive integration and integrative development. It integrates organically Shanghai and Zhejiang,Sci-Tech City and the globe, industry and urban construction, culture and history in the same region so as to set up a national demonstration zone of regional integrative development. The Sci-Tech City deploys high-tech and strategic emerging industries, and becomes a highland for innovative industries and a paradise for starters, as well as a national independent innovation demonstration zone by cultivating competitive industry cluster zone, sci-tech and innovation zone, maker space, etc. The Sci-Tech City provides enterprises and residents inside the park with a sci-tech connected experience in all respects and creates a National Smart City Demonstration Zone by establishing smart and information-based platforms that cover the whole park, such as smart network, smart platform, enterprise collaborative platform, etc. TheSci-Tech City attaches more importance to the concept of “life first and work later”, presents a beautiful landscape suitable for living and entrepreneurship after the development in an integrative, innovative and smart way, and becomes a model for the National New-Type Urbanization Demonstration Zone based on integration, innovation and smart.