Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City
Specialization advantage

Specialized platform, management, services and expertise

Operation and management system + Industrial service system + Entrepreneurship service system + Financial service system + Network intelligentization
Strategy management
planning management
Operation management
brand management
marketing management and investment attraction management
intelligence property
industry-university-research combination
Nursery for startups
hi-tech incubator
enterprise accelerator
entrepreneurship mentor
Park-construction Fund
In-park Entrepreneurial Fund
In-park Industry Fund
Enterprise Pal
Capital Pal
Patent Pal
Innovation Pal
China Mentors, Land Pal
Taxation Pal
National Patent Website

Operation and management system

Based on years of experience in operation and management of the industrial park, the Sci-Tech City establishes an operation and management system, integrating strategy, planning, brand, marketing and investment attraction. It creates an operational mode composed of initial expansion planning, medium-term marketing and investment attraction, as well as brand operation and maintenance in the final period, laying a solid foundation for the development of the whole industrial park.

Industrial service system

Based on the law of growth of enterprises, as well as their actual needs for policy, capital, market, talent, intelligence property and the industry-academy-research combination during their processes of R&D, production and sales, the Sci-Tech City will provide professional services for enterprises by conducting dynamic assessment and integrating the resources from all sorts of hi-tech service institutions, promoting the growth, development and IPO of enterprises.

Entrepreneurship service system

With the focus of the construction of the park on choosing, supporting and serving high-quality enterprises, the Sci-Tech City will form a relatively compete entrepreneurship service system to help the development of small and medium high-tech enterprises by establishing a full-range support platform with startup nursery, incubator and accelerator as subjects, a coordinated internet platform consisting of Enterprise Pal and Capital Pal, and an entrepreneurship mentor group constituted of liaisons, instructors and expert.

Financial service system

The Sci-Tech City will establish Park Construction Fund, Industry Fund and Innovation Fund by cooperating with large-scale financial institutions, developers, and investors, and innovatively integrating advantageous resources like the government and the market in the innovation mode, providing financial services like startup investment and industry fund for SMEs, large institutions, industrial parks and park carriers.

Network intelligence

Based on the needs of park operation and management, and enterprises’ in-depth service, the Sci-Tech City introduces intelligent network service platforms like Enterprise Pal, Capital Pal, and National Patent Network to form an Internet + industry service system connecting offline service + online service with real +virtual. The Sci-Tech City will achieve the goals of investment attraction and park industrial development while lowering the operation risk and enhance the competiveness and success of enterprises.