Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City
Resource advantage

① Industry and Enterprise Resources

Extension of competitive industries, gathering of international resources

Hi-tech industry Modern service industry Biomedical service IT-related medical service
Zhangjiang excellent enterprises Shanghai vital enterprises Excellent enterprises in Yangtze River Delta Region international excellent enterprises
Shanghai accelerating enterprises
Shanghai New Third Board enterprises
Zhangjiang new hi-tech industry
Sci-tech incubators
Shanghai excellent enterprises
Shanghai-based enterprises
Shanghai Little Giants
State-owned large enterprises
Enterprises of returned Zhejiang merchants
Enterprises from the US/Japan/Europe/other regions

The lack of land limits the development ofa number of excellent enterprises in Shanghai, resulting in the relocation and exit of enterprises.

The Sci-Tech City helps solve the problems concerning industrial extension, development and space in Shanghai.

② Talent Resources

Specialized élites, internationalized talents

College graduates International talents Specialists
Hi-tech technicians
Senior management personnel
Professional personnel

The Sci-Tech City is located in the very center of Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, and many top universities like Fudan University, University of Communications, Shanghai University Town, and Zhejiang University are located within an area, 30-60minutes’ drive to the Sci-Tech City, and home to high-quality talents.

③ International Resources

Integrate international resources, create industrial atmosphere

The Sci-Tech City fully makes use of the aggregation effect of Shanghai as an international metropolis on international innovative resources, attracts finance, industry, enterprise, technology and talent resources, and creates a favorable environment for investment and development in combination of the open-up policy of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

International finance International industry International enterprise International talent International technology
Zhangjiang Yangtze Delta Sci-Tech City

④ Cooperation

Integrate international resources, create industrial atmosphere