Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City
Phase-I initiating zone

Brief Introduction

The Phase-I Initiating Zone is situated in the center of the Sci-Tech City, bordering on Shanghai and Zhejiang. The total area of the project is about 7.91 km², and 7,054 mu (approx.470 hectare) of land is available for transfer, with about 6,889 mu (459 ha ) of land in Pinghu and 165 mu (11 ha) in Fengjing.

Functional Layout

Based on the Sci-Tech City’s general orientation of" integration, innovation, smart and beauty”, and the strategic goals of becoming a practice area of national regional integrative development, national independent innovation demonstration zone, national smart city experimental zone and national new-type urbanization pilot zone, the Phase-I Initiating Zone of the Sci-Tech City will fully reflect the connotation of integration of industry and city, technological innovation, smart city and beautiful city, and play a starting, leading, radiating and stimulating role in the overall development of the Sci-Tech City.

Spatial layout—Four functional areas

No. Area Theme Scale(mu)Available for land transfer
Yangtze River Delta Enterprise Acceleration and Headquarter Area Technology + integration Shanghai 165(11 ha.) Zhejiang 905(60 ha.)
China’s New-type Urbanization Sample Area(International Community) Community + smartness About 1704 (114 ha.)
World Innovation Experience Expo Area(International tourism culture and commercial service area) Exposition + experience About 1832(122 ha.)
International Intelligent Industrial Area Innovation + industry About 2447(163 ha.)
total About 7054(470 ha.)

① The Yangtze River Delta Enterprise Acceleration and Headquarter Area

The Yangtze River Delta Enterprise Acceleration and Headquarter Area acts as a leading area of Shanghai-Zhejiang collaborative innovation and integrative innovation, actively creates a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship to attract attention from innovative entrepreneurs and excellent accelerating enterprises especially in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta region, by constructing innovation service center, industry service center, entrepreneurial incubator center, enterprise accelerating center and administrative service center, and is an important base and carrier for the Sci-Tech City to establish a world-leading innovative highland and a paradise for starters.

② Model Area of China’s New-type Urbanization

Based on the concept of “people-oriented, industry-city integration, life first and work later”, the Sci-Tech City constructs a high standard, high level and international comprehensive supporting community, equivalent to a multi-function, modern, and intelligent international community, providing the best working environment and living facilities for innovative enterprises at home and abroad, so as to make it a sample demonstration zone of China’s new-type urbanization construction.

③ World Innovation Experience Expo Area

By the construction of International Innovation and Experience Expo Zone, Domestic Innovation and Experience Expo Zone, Yangtze River Delta Future Pavilion, Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech Expo, and Yangtze River Delta Innovation Forum, the Sci-Tech City will realize the press release of sci-tech innovative products, exhibition, cooperation and communication, exposition, and experience consumption, allowing itself to become an important carrier for the concentration of world innovation exhibits, clustering of multinational enterprises and the exhibition of industry innovation.

④ International Intelligent Industry Area

Based on the Sci-tech City’s general orientation of "integration, innovation, smart and beauty", the International intelligent industry area will be led by national strategic emerging industries, focusing on the construction of 3D printing, intelligent manufacturing, information industry, Internet industry, and other high-end industries and future industries. A number of high-tech and distinctive industry bases will be established in the form of characteristic industry bases and industrial parks within parks, relying on high-tech industry area, intelligent production area and national characteristic area dominated by word-leading innovative enterprises and based on industry orientation and spatial planning, which will become the leading areas of innovative industry catching up with the international level in the Yangtze River Delta Region.