Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Sci-Tech City
Cost advantage

Comprehensive Advantages of Metropolis

Communication Integration:dialing code021/mobile communication Shanghai network

Location Integration:located in Shanghai

Brand Integration:enjoy the brand effect brought by the "Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone"

Industry Integration:excellent enterprises in Shanghai and Zhangjiang gather here

Transportation Integration:multiple means of transportation like high-speed railway, light rail trains and expressways to connect with Shanghai downtown

Life Integration:Shanghai-level living facilities like food, housing, transportation, travelling, shopping and entertainment.

Education Integration:enjoy the radiation and the talent cluster of the colleges and universities in Shanghai

Culture Integration:reflect Shanghai flavor and culture

Medical Treatment Integration:achieve the overall connection with Shanghai in medical treatment

Extra-low Cost of Small Towns

The Sci-Tech City borders on Shanghai and owns the brand of Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone, but it enjoys a much lower land cost than Shanghai.

For instance, the cost of the core commercial land in Lujiazui for trade or office buildings reaches RMB 115 million per mu; the cost of the core residential land in Zhangjiang has already reached RMB 30-40million per mu, and the cost of the industrial land has reached RMB 8-10 million per mu.

In order to support and attract excellent enterprises, the price of all the industrial land in the Sci-Tech City is dramatically reduced to RMB 350,000-450,00 per mu, posting an obvious land cost advantage.

100,000 yuan/acre land
430 330
Lujiazui Zhangjiang Sci-Tech City Lujiazui Zhangjiang Sci-Tech City Zhangjiang Sci-Tech City
Price of residential land Price of commercial land
Price of industrial land